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Approach with Caution: Migraine in Progress

Approach with Caution: Migraine in Progress - Elevation Chiropractic Truckee CA

Approach with Caution: Migraine in Progress – Elevation Chiropractic Truckee CA

What’s more dangerous than free solo climbing El Capitan? No, it’s not the Tahoe summer traffic. It’s approaching someone who has a migraine headache! Let me set the stage. You reach out to Jim with a few questions at work. Instead of the typical Jim, you seem to encounter Jim’s evil twin who responds with short, snippy responses that seem way out of character. Well, it’s not you. Believe it or not that’s Jim’s headache talking. New research has shown chiropractic care can provide over a 50% reduction in headache pain by the first follow-up visit.

Over 75% of adults suffer from headaches, many with migraines. So what can you do? Take medication everyday? Curl up in bed and take a few days off from life? Well, new research shows that chiropractic care can decrease the frequency AND severity of headaches. And instead of getting upset with Jim the next time he has a migraine, do him a favor that will drastically improve his quality of life. What could that favor be? Keep reading…

We all know people who constantly suffer from migraines headaches. Take this paper and give it to a friend or coworker who you know has struggled with migraine headaches. There are many people who don’t know that the best treatment for their headaches may be in a chiropractor’s office. This paper just may change their life!

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